“It takes presence to capture a photo that makes you truly feel present.

You can create something that brings you back to that moment again and again. I can’t wait to create more and more.”


I love to use photography to capture the stories of people who are living their lives outdoors.

I’m Meghan, a photographer and storyteller based out of Akron, OH.

I’ve always had a streak of adventure in  me. As a kid, I blended it with my love for the outdoors by being outside and pushing my boundaries by playing in the woods, climbing trees, and swimming under waterfalls. As an adult, it still looks pretty much the same. I love playing outside, whether it’s rock climbing, backpacking, paddleboarding, biking, or almost any other outdoor sport. I worked at a rock wall and led outdoor backpacking and kayaking trips in college and discovered a community of outdoors people that existed right here in Northeast Ohio. After college I spent 100 days WWOOFing and backpacking New Zealand with my best friend, which taught me that testing my comfort zone was the only way I could grow as an adventurer and a human being. Today I live with my husband in Akron, OH and am finding ways to be adventurous outside with my growing outdoor community and expanding my comfort zone as often as possible. Sometimes that’s as simple as experimenting with a fun recipe or growing a unique vegetable in our garden, and other times it looks like taking a risk and starting a new business.

Whatever it is, I’ve learned that, for me, living adventurously means pushing my boundaries in all areas of my life, but my favorite will always be the grand adventures I find when I’m outside with like-minded risk takers. 

I’ve been shooting for 10 years and decided to blend my passion for the outdoors with my passion for photography. I specialize in outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography, and I strive to create photographs that show the movement, emotion, passion, and grit of their subjects. I work with brands here in Northeast Ohio and across the country whose mission, message, and image reflect an active, adventurous, and sustainable lifestyle.

I photograph people and places that inspire me, and through my photography I hope to inspire you to welcome adventure into your everyday life and join a community of people who are living adventurously.

Contact me!   meghan@meghanwinkler.com